Confcommercio e Servizi

Unione Confcommercio is the Association that represents all trade and tertiary sector business professionals in Milan and the Province of Milan.

• It helps business professionals to understand and carry out all practices established by the law.

• Defends the interests of business professionals and trades in relation to the Institutions: Municipality, Region, Province and Chambers of Commerce.

• Provides foreign business professionals with specific assistance via a new specially dedicated Association (ANIPS), and individual trades with assistance via over 120 Associations.

• Provides free consultancy and numerous services in all areas necessary for managing and developing business activities to the maximum.


Legal and Regulatory Assistance

• Licences and authorizations

• Health and food hygiene compliance

• Safety in the workplace compliance

• Specific regulations for individual trades



• Italian language courses for business professionals

• Technical training and professional updating also in foreign languages…

• Cultural Mediation: assistance from mediators specialising in foreign languages...


Tax Services

• Bookkeeping and tax returns

• Free fiscal and tax consultancy and assistance


Staff Management

• Management of wages and contributions

• Free consultancy and assistance on employment, staff management and welfare


Access to Credit

• Guarantees of up to 70% for soft loans

• Public tenders, loan and concession opportunities


Opportunities for Businesses

• Information and meetings on industry issues, news from the community, thematic circulars, savings opportunities

• Agreements and concessions on services in both the professional and personal sphere

• Healthcare assistance